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Welcome to Paradise

Discover Tranquility and Luxury at Zenobia Resort - Your Gateway to Paradise

Welcome to Zenobia Resort, where tranquillity meets luxury, and each day is an opportunity to create timeless memories in the embrace of paradise.

At Zenobia Resort, we believe in the power of small hotels to create unparalleled personal experiences that linger in your memories. Nestled along the pristine shores of Zanzibar, our exclusive retreat boasts 25 exquisite double rooms, offering an intimate sanctuary on one of the island's most captivating beaches.

Allow the gentle ocean breeze to caress your senses, let the sun's tender embrace awaken your spirit, and surrender to a level of relaxation you've never encountered. Our dedicated and affable staff are committed to crafting a holiday transcending the ordinary, ensuring every moment is delightful and distinguished. Zenobia Resort extends a warm invitation to families, couples, and honeymooners in the heart of Nungwi, a beachfront haven on the island's northwestern tip.

While our paramount goal is to create an atmosphere of absolute serenity and ease, the strategic locale of Zenobia Resort positions us as a gateway to exhilarating activities for our more adventurous guests. Immerse yourself in some of the world's finest diving, snorkelling, and fishing, set against Zanzibar's mesmerising aquatic realm. For enthusiasts of water sports, an array of options awaits your exploration.

The rhythmic dance of the waves provides a spectacular canvas, and the sunsets that paint the sky with fiery hues from our vantage point are unparalleled in Zanzibar.